A broad background in litigation, media and education

Specialist in Litigation Presentation

Douglas Filter translates important concepts to compliment highly technical and strategic arguments into persuasive presentations that tell a story, capture the attention and interest of an audience, and stand up to scrutiny.

He has managed multi-jurisdictional and multiple defendant cases, incorporated legal support systems and maintained rapid return on important concepts. He is a translator, a storyteller and a grounded director who can roll with the punches and deliver. He has been called a visual communications strategist and an information architect. His presentations have been used in thousands of jurisdictions over thirty years, including the U.S. Supreme Court and the U.S. House of Representatives, as well as the Royal Courts of Canada and the U.K, courts in Venezuela and environmental proceedings in Asia.

When the stakes are high, He is expert at understanding the needs of an argument, the rules of evidence which apply, in developing a theme, and collaboration to refine and present key facts.

Award-winning producer of 2D, 3D animation and Special Effects

Doug’s productions have been used in lawsuits, adapted for broadcast on the Discovery Channel, the BBC and The History Channel, and for industry. Subjects have included a variety of high tech tutorials on inventions and software, the life cycle of salmon, oil refining, industrial accidents, environmental effects on trout, computer technology, ground water, manufacturing processes and others.


As a project management professor and an animation curriculum designer; Doug used his classroom experience and industry knowledge to co-author the first animation strand approved by the State of California for a public college at Berkeley City College (formerly Vista Community College)

Program Developer and Trainer

Doug was hired by PriceWaterhouse Coopers to create a CEO level presentation to describe revenue-capture for the telecommunications industry. Five minute and twenty minute PowerPoint shows were created with global applications. Doug assembled 30 PWC managers from different world centers in Tampa for the premiere of the show, sales training on how to utilize it in various cultures, critiqued mock presentation sessions, and provided practical tips for presenting “out-of-the-box.”

Animation Process Analyst

In 1998, Doug joined ARCCA, Inc., an East Coast engineering and consulting firm as VP, Visual Communications, to analyze their acquisition of a Tucson, Arizona animation studio. The division was losing $60,000 each month when Doug took over. He relocated assets, including key personnel to headquarters and helped set up a new office in Chicago, a major market. Under his direction, the two independent businesses were integrated, so that all consultants could better implement a full range of services, the losses turned around and a profitable business branch was developed which better served the company and its clients.

In House Law Firm Graphics Director

From 1991 to 1997, Doug created and managed an in-house Video, Computer Graphics and Visual Communications Department for a Rocky Mountain regional law firm. Revenues in his final year were over $3,000,000, with a net of more than 60% for the medium-sized firm of 120 partners and 80 associates. His group was responsible for almost 5% of the law firm’s total gross revenue. Doug’s group was consistently credited for attracting clients to the firm, for fast and efficient service, for low write-downs and high nets.

In June, 1997, Doug was featured in a cover article for AV Video and Multimedia Producer magazine for his innovations in the legal production field.


Doug has written numerous original articles, online columns, chapters in books and a textbook on Demonstrative Evidence. Below are a few: