Original articles on visual communications in law

AV Video magazine cover

AV Video and MultiMedia Producer cover article

From 1991 to 1997, Douglas Filter built an in-house Visual Communication Department at a law Firm in Colorado. This interview explores the reasons, benefits and successes of that enterprise.

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Dynamic Visual Strategy

Today, visual aids are commonplace in nearly every kind of litigation. While law school traditionally taught future lawyers to think in an auditory way—creating brilliant writers and speakers, it is now implementing visual learning techniques simply because society learns, remembers and persuades in multiple media.

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“Tell me a story...”

Messages framed within a story convention organize facts and control guesses. Story provides context and logical sequence, ensuring recall and understanding. Knowing what people expect and need helps craft a story that persuades and advocates.

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Virtual Reality illustration

Virtual Reality Comes of Age

This is not science fiction—some tools exist to help us bring a scene into context where video and still photography fail us. This article details one of the first courtroom uses of a new technology, and how it was adapted for legal proceeding.

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Admissibility of Demonstrative Exhibits

Demonstrative exhibits fall under the Federal Rules of Evidence 1006. An attorney who wants to show facts, documents, recordings, photographs or other voluminous material, and can provide originals or duplicates as foundation may submit a summary, chart, map, diagram, calculation or illustration to make a more convenient examination.

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